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Passivhaus window showroom, Intelligent Windows, opens in Cambridge

Passivhaus building standards are recognised as the international standard for reducing the ecological footprint of a building, making it extra-low in energy consumption, which translates to extra low energy bills for the owners.

In recent years, Passivhaus popularity has exploded, with net-zero energy targets now a UK wide initiative, as well as a benefit for the back pocket. With a huge demand in the market and still a great amount of education needed about the Passivhaus process, Intelligent Windows has launched as a showroom to showcase what Passivhaus and eco-friendly windows are and how they are instrumental to the Passivhaus build and the shift toward our nationwide carbon reduction efforts.

How Intelligent Windows fit into the Passivhaus picture

How Intelligent Windows fit into the Passivhaus picture

Passivhaus standards centre around effective insulation, airtightness, reduction of thermal bridges and smart design. As windows are often one of the places that leak the most warmth, it’s no surprise that windows are one of the first elements to be addressed in Passivhaus design.

According to Passivhaus principles, installing proper windows is one of the critical steps to reducing air leakage, keeping warmth inside and stopping the cold coming in from the outside. This is address by installing multiple-pane glass, somewhere between two or three, depending on the climate and orientation of the building.

With the proper installation of effective Passivhaus certified or eco windows, you can significantly decrease the amount of energy escaping from your home. This reduction of leakage, in turn, reduces the amount of energy that would have previously been required to make up for the warmth that escaped. Translation: huge energy savings.

Why visit the Intelligent Windows showroom?

Visit the Intelligent Window Passivhaus window showroom

The Intelligent Windows showroom in South Cambridgeshire is home to window designers and Passivhaus Consultants at the forefront of Passivhaus standards. They don’t just show off fancy windows. They are knowledgeable experts able to discuss and demonstrate Passivhaus principles and advice and generally discuss how everyday homeowners and builders can improve their energy efficiency.

While the Passivhaus certified range, Artemis, can be found on display at Intelligent Windows, the showroom also boasts a range of other ecologically friendly window designs, giving options to anyone who wants to go green.

Intelligent Windows produces and showcases ranges of timber curtain walls, sliding doors, an eco range including tilt and turn windows and flush casement windows, and of course, the Artemis range of Ali-Clad Passivhaus Windows.

Do you need a Passivhaus to benefit from Intelligent Windows?

Do you need a Passivhaus to benefit from Intelligent Windows?

As all UK residents move toward the country’s goal of being net-zero by 2050, many changes will need to be made. While those building new homes should be encouraged to build to Passivhaus standards, it’s unrealistic to expect the whole country to re-build in order to reach our carbon goals. Instead, we need solutions that encourage and make incremental changes easier for everyone.

The Intelligent Windows showroom is a way to engage everyone, homeowner or builder, about the benefits of environmentally friendly windows and how they can not only help the government to reach its green goals but how it can help citizens to secure big savings on their electricity bills and keep warmer in the winter.

Passivhaus window showroom - find out more

Intelligent Windows are for everyone. We have ranges to suit every need and the in-house capabilities to custom make solutions that can be produced in Cambridgeshire and deliver across the world.

Come by the showroom today to learn more about eco and Passivhaus windows.



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