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Detached House, Cornwall


650m2 Detached House in Cornwall

White Haus supplied and installed timber frame, liquid vapour control, liquid breather membrane and alu-clad windows and doors on this project. Timber frame panels were manufactured offsite at our facility near Cambridge and shipped to Cornwall on artic flat beds, these were then crane erected into place. There was a large steel frame element of the building to the rear of the plot, this was used to form the swimming pool. Bifolding doors have been installed here to allow the area to be fully opened up. Metal web joists were used in the floor zone to allow easy passing of any services through the joists. The roof was made of solid timber which were put to falls with timber fillets to ensure the easy passage of water to roof outlets. After the client had installed insulation we returned to apply the liquid membranes and service battens. Service battens allow any first fix electrics and plumbing to be installed on the external walls before the plaster board is fixed over the top.

Our alu-clad Passivhaus standard windows and doors were used on this project. These can have any colour applied to both the inside and outside of unit. They were covered in our Intelligent Protect liquid membrane which protects the window from damage during the construction phase of the project. This can be left on the window for up to two years.

The project took approx 3 weeks to install the timber frame and steel work, 1 week to install the liquid applied membranes and 2 weeks to install all the glazing elements.




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