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West Midland Safari’s rhino lodges contract goes to White Haus


For Passivhaus builders, working at a safari park is the ultimate in connecting with nature and remembering the impact on eco designs for the preservation of wildlife. In the UK, it’s certainly not common to find African animals roaming a savannah and yet we’ve had the distinct pleasure of building lodges alongside these wild animals for the West Midland Safari Park.

Safari lodges at West Midland Safari Park

White Haus and Founder, Adam White, has had a relationship with West Midland Safari Park since 2020 when contracted to build the structures for the elephant lodges, which officially launched (and sold out) in April of 2021. Pairing wildlife conservationists with environmentalists, a partnership between West Midland Safari Park (WMSP) and White Haus was a match made in heaven. Adam and the White Haus team got to work in heaven, and they get beautiful, luxury eco-lodges that honour the natural environment around them, built to Passivhaus standards for low carbon-emitting lodges.

Agreeing it’s a perfect partnership, West Midland Safari Park (WMSP) came to Adam and White Haus once more with their new vision, eight more brand new lodges, giving guests the opportunity to book an overnight with rhinos and giraffes roaming outside while they enjoy the ultimate in luxury from inside their cosy eco-lodge.

Building beautiful giraffe and rhino lodges
Building Beautiful Giraffe and Rhino Lodges

Starting in September 2021, White Haus has been contracted to build eight full turnkey Passivhaus lodges with triple-glazed windows, granting guests a birdseye view into the natural habitat and habits of these gorgeous creatures. All the while, safe, secure and extremely comfortable with the best of holiday luxury, in the midst of untamed nature.

These eight cabins are all being built using the Passivhaus standard elements, such as heat recovery and triple glazed windows, to make them self heating and self-cooling, eliminating the need for unnecessary energy use. Using timber frames is the first step in improving the lodge’s ecological footprint, with design elements – such as the triple glazed windows, heat recovery and building orientation – stepping in to eliminate the need for energy beyond the guests and the sun outside.

Passivhaus buildings use roughly 10% of what typical buildings require for cooling and heating. Introducing these in the safari park lets WMSP promote wildlife conservation while keeping their carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.

About Passivhaus and White Haus

Passivhaus is an international building standard for the development of environmentally friendly buildings. The features of Passivhaus centre around harnessing energy like sun and body warmth to reduce the need for additional heating and cooling.

White Haus was founded by Adam White, passionate about Passivhaus building standards and working within these frameworks to build turnkey solutions that are airtight, including classing and windows. Beyond White Haus, Adam is also the founder of Intelligent Windows Club, a sister company of White Haus that designs Passivhaus certified windows so that White Haus can control these elements and guarantee builds reach beyond Passivhaus standards.

At the facility in Cambridge, Adam manufactures fully kitted turnkey solutions that are Passivhaus optimised. All White Haus solutions are designed and manufactured from the Cambridge HQ in order to quickly produce solutions and have them ready to erect when they reach the client’s site. Quick and easy construction is always appreciated in construction, but it’s an absolute necessity on a wildlife reserve, and the off-site solution fits perfectly to this need.

Starting in September of 2021, the rhino and giraffe lodges are due to be complete in Spring 2022.

Beyond the current work, White Haus is also in the tender process for WMSP’s new purpose-built restaurant to serve guests in all cabins, seating approximately 163. Adam and the team look forward to a longstanding relationship building beautiful sustainable solutions.

Rhino lodges - where to find out more

White Haus is a hybrid bespoke timber frame specialist, building beautiful eco friendly buildings. We can tailor our offsite manufactured frames to suit your budget and specifications, from basic timber frame to twin wall Passivhaus designs. Read case studies of projects we have completed or get in touch today to discuss your latest project.

All images courtesy of West Midlands Safari Park 




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